Wire enclosures on Front St. are no tourist trap: The Fixer

What’s up with those wire contraptions on Front St., that look better suited to a steel cage match for pro wrestlers than construction?Anybody who uses Union Station or regularly drives along Front St. is painfully aware of how disruptive that Union Station and the area around it has been over the past few years.It seems at last to be winding down, with traffic lanes restored in both directions and a significant reduction in the dust, noise and machinery that made the locale so miserable.Read more:Union Station tenants owe city $10 millionArticle Continued BelowUnion Summer market stops for station constructionBut among the more curious leftovers are two steel cages squatting on the sidewalk on the south side of Front St., east of Bay St., an area swarming with tourists at this time of year.George Mallia emailed to say “the work on Front St. between York and Yonge Streets seems to be over and has been for quite some time now.